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“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" 

Jermaine “J’Will” Williams, CEO of J’WILL ENTERTAINMENT hails from Fairmont, North Carolina. In addition to CEO, he also manages and promotes hip hop artists. 

Having lost his mother at an early age changed J’Will’s life as he began fighting and doing various things getting himself in trouble and facing charges to the point of almost losing his opportunity to attend college. However, he was given a second chance and chose not to ever look back, going on to obtain his BS in Psychology from Shaw University. Through all of his adversities music has been his passion, from singing in the choir, recording, and now artist management because his ultimate goal has always been to learn and be a part of the music industry. He has been managing artists for the past 5 years since 2013. 

What sets J’Will apart from everyone else is his will and determination, because of an upbringing of having to fight and protect his own, which taught him in life to appreciate what he has. He is thankful that along the way he has always had friends and family who have supported him and his vision, namely his mentor Kelvin Townsend who has always told him he had “a special gift and a story to tell.” It is J’Will’s mission to continue to tell his story by living it out. His son is his motivation and what drives him to forge on with his life and to follow his dreams. He is hoping one day his son will take over his legacy. 

Be on the lookout for J'WILL ENTERTAINMENT to breakthrough in the music industry, along with great people and talented artists. 




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I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" ~ Philippians 4:13. Every morning I read that scripture to start my day.”